Happy New Year!

Did you make New Year’s resolutions for 2015 yet?

I’ll admit it, I did. Would you like to guess what my New Year’s resolutions are?

  • I plan to blog at least once a month and share the wonders of self-hypnosis with my amazing friends surfing the Internet;
  • I’m going to express my gratitude more to the wonderful people that cross my path;
  • and, I’m going to revamp and organize my website so I can share information with more people.

Oh, yes, I’m looking forward to 2015! I hope you are, too. .

If not, think about it….what would you like to change in this new year?
What are your resolutions?

Do you want to take a class and learn a new skill?

Yes, you can start doing it now!!!
Do you want to go out more often so that you can meet wonderful people like yourself?
Yes, you can start doing it now!!!
Are you looking for the job you know is going to make you look forward to going to work?
Yes, you can start looking for it now!!!
Or do you have a more intriguing and exciting resolution?
Yes, whatever your goal is, you can start working towards it…..now!
Imagine yourself six months from now. Think about how wonderful you’ll look, smiling to yourself because you are so successful because of your motivation. That motivation has led you to make your New Year’s resolution a reality. Imagine how great you are feeling because you know you did it!
Wow! Doesn’t it feel great?
It sure does.
And the best thing is that once you start achieving your goals and overcoming your obstacles that wonderful feeling will last a lifetime. You’ll have proof that you are successful and can do anything that you put your mind to doing.

I have faith in you. You can get psyched up for 2015, too!

These subliminal recordings contains over one hundred suggestions designed to motivate you, build your confidence, and give you the energy to reach your goals in 2015. Give it a listen, now…
Feel free to share your feedback, questions, or ask for more information.

Wishing you a prosperous, successful, and happy 2015,
P.S. Thank you…..for having such a powerful brain…..it makes you……well……you…and you are amazing, indeed!!!
This powerful recording hundreds of hypnotic suggestions mixed with trance inducing isotonic tones. Listen to it no more than once in a one hour period and heed the warnings listed below. This recording contains the soothing sounds the ocean surf with embedded isochronic tones.

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Warning: It is important that whenever you listen to any hypnosis or subliminal recording that you be in a safe, peaceful environment. Please do not listen to these recordings while driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery. Certain people should not use hypnosis or subliminal recordings: do not listen to these recordings if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, a seizure disorder, or are under the age of 18 (without the consent of your physician).

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