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Well, it\’s almost St. Valentines Day.

I\’m going to admit something I probably shouldn\’t. I entered a writing contest last week. The theme was to tell a story about the most romantic moment of your life. The prize was a trip to Hawaii and the excuse to walk away from a busy desk for a few days. I had to enter. So, I\’ve spent the last week reflecting on the most romantic man that I\’ve ever known. The subject of that essay, we will call him Mr. Romance, is the inspiration for this recording entitled Be More Romantic (for men or women).

Mr. Romance still thinks he\’s as romantic as a stone: I think he\’s in denial. Isn\’t that the way it is? Truly romantic men don\’t seem to understand exactly what they do to make our heads spin, our hearts skip a beat, or to turn our flesh into a puddle of goo while looking into those sparkling eyes. So, what makes a someone romantic?

Let me share some qualities that make hopeless romantics so adorable.

Romantic people are spontaneous. They follow their instincts and don\’t control every facet of the relationship down to the minutest detail. Really, if people do that, they may not leave enough time for the most pleasurable aspects of the relationship. Besides, spontaneity leads to excitement. That is a beautiful thing to have in a relationship.

Romantic people are open and honest. They say what they feel and don\’t let their ego get in the way of their self-expression. Their body language gives them away, too. Their eyes light up when they see their love. They grin. They smile. They tilt their heads and gaze at their love with glowing bedroom eyes.

They also notice and honestly acknowledge those romantic gestures that others do for them.

Romantic people perform small gestures to show their love. To be sure, it is those small things that bring love to life. It is holding the door for their feminist girlfriend, even though she protests because he knows she really likes it when he does that. It is calling her pretty even though her hair is all over the place or her makeup melted off in the heat.

For some people, romantic can mean bringing roses to her every Friday or leaving small tokens on the seat of the car. For others it could simply be cuddling to a favorite movie or hiking at sunset.

Romance is knowing the person you are with and doing those things that bring him or her joy – just for the sake of reminding that person that they are special. No two people want the same things, because each and every one of us is unique. It is showing someone that you understand who he or she is…and love that person for it!

We all really want to be understood….and appreciated. Everyone deserves love.

Most of all, Romance is about making your partner feel incredibly special.

In a nutshell, romance is about knowing your partner, following your heart, and not being afraid to show your true self to your loved one. What can be more special, then showing your beloved the truly wonderful person you know yourself to be?

Happy Valentine\’s Day! If you are facing this Valentine\’s Day alone, please take heart. This recording will help you, too as it is designed to remind your subconscious mind of the wonderful miracle that you are. My best advice is to be your true self and do what you love to do so that the love of your life can find you and see who you really are.

Remember, all you have to is hold a positive thought and be sure to look around.

In love, I wish you the best of success,


This powerful subliminal recording hundreds of hypnotic suggestions mixed with trance inducing isotonic tones. Listen to it no more than once in a one hour period and heed the warnings listed below. This recording contains music mixed with ocean sounds. To make it more powerful, there are embedded isochronic tones (in this case, the solfeggio meditation frequency for love and unity: FA – 639hz – or that bright F sound you\’ll hear in the music).

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Warning: It is important that whenever you listen to any hypnosis or subliminal recording that you be in a safe, peaceful environment. Please do not listen to these recordings while driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery. Certain people should not use hypnosis or subliminal recordings: do not listen to these recordings if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, a seizure disorder, or are under the age of 18 (without the consent of your physician).

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