You know how it goes, don’t you?

You’re walking down the street. It’s a beautiful day. You’re feeling on top of the world, confident, and full of life. Nothing could possibly shake you.
You’re looking great. You must, because there is a warm and cheerful smiling face walking toward you.
He’s walking right toward you. He’s not veering away.
Could you know this person?
You smile back and finally realize that this is someone you met at a party, last night, before the alcohol was served.
Your mind races back. Oh yeah, he’s that forty-something doctor who drives a bright green Viper and likes to double park it on busy streets. Last night he parked next to your car and you ended up stuck at that party, trying hard not to hear all about his escapades with one of your acquaintances. You can remember every sordid detail of the stuff you didn’t want to know about but, for the life of you, you can’t remember the one thing that you needed at that moment.
You thought for sure that you would never forget his name.
Guess what?

You did!
Until you can find a way to steal one of his business cards, he will be known only as “Hey you” or “Hi there”.
After a brief and uncomfortable encounter, you find yourself skulking away slowing swearing up and down that from now on you will do everything in your power to remember everybody’s name and face.
Tips for remembering names and faces

1. When meeting someone for the first time always repeat their name silently to yourself while looking at his or her face. If possible try to use it while addressing the personout loud: everyone loves the sound of his or her name.

2. Use A Mnemonic Memory Tool: If possible try to find something about that person that helps you remember his name. You could consider the use of a physical characteristic of the person. For example, Ms. Green has green eyes.

Or you could pair it with information that you learn about the person during the conversation. For instance, Mr. Erickson may talk about his travels (like that famous Viking) or be intrigued by hypnosis (a tip of my hat to Milton Erickson).

Perhaps you meet Mrs. Smith eating pie. That would be easy.

3. If possible, try to get a copy of the individual’s business card. When you get home, look at the business card while saying the person’s name three times and visualizing his or her face.
Yeah, yeah….I’m probably the only person on Earth who does that. It works for me.
Do you have a technique for remembering names? Please share it.
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