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A few weeks ago, I saw someone comment on a popular web social site that it was dangerous to approach women.

My mind raced to try to find situations in which that generalization would be true. Once, I actually witnessed a woman chasing a former lover with a pick-axe: that may be one situation where it would be best just to call the peace officers and avoid approaching the woman.

I am having trouble thinking of any others. Does anyone have any anecdotes to share here?

Honestly though, those type of situations are rare.
Most people are generally good and mean no harm.
Any person of average intelligence can pretty much deduce when it is safe to approach a member of the opposite sex. I\’m sure it is not common for the act of self-introduction to put anyone in mortal danger.

Now, as a woman, I know that there are really great guys who try too hard when they first introduce themselves. I don\’t want to embarrass anyone, so I won\’t make light of some of the more comedic aspects of dating that I\’ve experienced.

You can bet that I\’m smiling about them, though.

I will simply state that some of the most rewarding relationships I\’ve been blessed with started out with awkward introductions. Upon giving a guy a second chance, I usually saw the unique and wonderful human being buried under the pile of nervous skin and the poor pick up lines.


What advice would I have for men wanting to approach women with confidence?
It is simple…
Simply be yourself.
I probably have never met you. Still, I bet you are a great person. That is really all that you need. By being your true self around women, you will increase your odds of finding that special someone who will be comfortable around the real you!
Just be yourself. If a woman is not interested in you….well, that is her loss! You\’re a great guy. Someone better suited for you is out there just waiting to be introduced to you! Go find her!
Hypnosis can help build your confidence so that you can find it easy to be around attractive women. This recording can help build your confidence, strengthen your voice and body language, while reminding you to show the world the naturally great guy you are.
I wish you the best of success,


This powerful recording contains hundreds of hypnotic suggestions mixed with trance inducing isochronic tones. Listen to it no more than once in a one hour period and heed the warnings listed below. This recording contains music mixed with ocean sounds. To make it more powerful, there are embedded isochronic tones.
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