Recommended Hypnosis Websites and Educational Organizations

Hypnosis Websites

Brian David Phillips: Waking Dreams This website has everything! Dr. Phillips answers common questions about the realm of hypnosis, guided imagery and focused trancework. He also writes an entertaining blog and offers an informative hypnocast. On this website you will find free focused trance MP3s. You can also purchase other high quality recordings. There is also information about training and certification through the

Society of Experiential Trance, if you are interested in learning more about hypnosis. Check it out!

NLP Weekly NLP Weekly is a free-style online magazine/blog, devoted to bring updated practical NLP & Hypnosis information, techniques and patterns, both to educated practitioners and to the general public.

Omni Hypnosis Training Podcasts If you are interested in being trained in hypnosis, be sure to visit this website! You’ll see quite a bit of information, hear informative podcasts and get all this information from a man highly respected in the field, Gerald “Jerry” Klein.

David M. Pierce, This website offers an abundance of information on hypnosis, past life regression, and smoking cessation. You wil also find information on training in spiritual hypnotherapy, drum making, and dream singing workshops (in addition to beautiful and artful poetry).

Visit The Stress Institute for powerful and effective stress reduction products. Created by highly respected Health Psychologists, the Disidentification Program and the Stress Reduction products are among the most effective and affordable resources found on the Internet. At The Stress Institute website, you will find biodots, workbooks, and a variety of stress management audiocassettes including How to Change Type A Behavior, Self-confidence Strengthening, Deep Relaxation, the Sleep Program and Plaque Reduction Imagery. is the work of respected hypnotherapists Jon and Jake Rhodes. Their goal is to “spread the word about the safe, yet powerful effects of hypnosis”. With that aim in mind, they generously share numerous free self-help articles and hypnosis recordings dealing with a variety of topics such as confidence, creativity, relaxation, weight loss and so much more.

Education and Training

Society of Experiential Trance
Banyan Hypnosis Center (Tustin, California)
Hypnosis Motivation Institute (Tarzana, California)
Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy (Goshen, Virginia) 1-800-296-MIND Christopher Howard Training
The Tad James Company
World Center for EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Training

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