Affirmation: I appreciate my uniqueness knowing that I have something valuable to contribute.
Guided + Subliminal Affirmation Recording
I appreciate my uniqueness knowing that I have something valuable to contribute. 
This affirmation is read verbally once before being sped up and repeated supraliminally 200 additional times in various formats*.

For Best Results: Listen to the recording while saying the affirmations to yourself and visualizing the outcome you desire.

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*The following is the script used on the subliminal recording:

      • I appreciate my uniqueness.
      • I have something valuable to contribute. 
      • You appreciate your uniqueness.
      • You have something valuable to contribute. 
      • Other people notice that you appreciate your uniqueness.
      • Other people respect you because you have something valuable to contribute. 
      • Accepting people, just like you, appreciate their uniqueness.
      • Accepting people, just like you, have something valuable to contribute. 

  The theme for January 2014 is Self-Acceptance

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