Come on, admit it….the first fault that you tend to find in others is the one big thing that you hate about yourself, huh? No, really. I’m serious.

When you are dieting, don’t you notice the weight of other people? Honestly…you know you do.

If you’ve ever had a straying spouse, did you often endure his or her accusations of seeing someone else? I bet you did. Did it occur to you why your former flame was so obsessed with infidelity? It was foremost on his mind.

I love criticism because it sure provides a window into the problems and issues of other people.

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain, and most fools do.”
– Benjamin Franklin

“In projection, one’s own unacceptable feelings are attributed to someone else. A boy who dislikes his father, for instance, may feel anxious about disliking someone he depends on. So he may project his feelings onto his father, concluding that ‘he hates me.’ A person who has uncomfortable sexual feelings about members of a different ethnic group may project this discomfort onto them, saying, ‘those people are dirty-minded and oversexed.'” (Pg 389 -“Psychology” Second Edition by Wade & Tavris)
The problem with fault-findingIs that he who finds fault with others is in no way a happy person Even after he has successfully Accomplished his task.